5 Reasons to Ditch Diet Soda


Mass media has managed to fool the novices into believing that diet food is actually healthy food, when that simply isn’t the truth. Take for example, diet soda; soda is one of the most overused and additive synthetic foods that we voluntarily invite into our bodies, and diet soda comes in at a close second. The soda makers tweaked their already yucky formula to remove a few calories, slap the buzz-word “diet” on the label and offer it to the millions of people looking for a way to cut calories. While it is true that there are fewer calories in the diet version of soda, drinking too much of it does come with a cost that can rob you of your overall health.

5 Reasons to Ditch Diet Soda:

  1. It can cause a calcium deficiency: The massive levels of phosphates that are present in diet soda can lead to a calcium deficiency. The phosphates can actually cause calcium to expel from the bones.
  2. It causes acidity: Diet soda is very acidic, consuming it in abundance can cause your core to also become acidic which can be devastating for your well-being.
  3. It contains Aspartame: Aspartame has a rap-sheet that includes interfering with the functions of the GI system, as well as the metabolic process and the neurological system. Most diet sodas are sweetened with this artificial sweetener.
  4. It is a carcinogen: Cancer cells and diseases thrive in an acidic environment, diet soda is a known carcinogen.
  5. It can cause dehydration: Caffeine enriched diet soda can cause dehydration due to the fact that it demands overuse from the kidneys.

The answer to losing weight by cutting calories isn’t to consume the diet version of already unhealthy foods. Soda is bad and diet soda is even worse, so ditch them both. Cut calories the natural way by exercising, eating healthy and stressing less.

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